Best Freelance Computer Jobs

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When You Really Need The Cash

You need to earn a little extra cash, or you find that your job is causing you health problems, so much so, you’ve been ordered by a doctor to stay home. So how do you earn a living? How do you make the much needed cash?

Fortunately, there are legitimate companies out there; places that honor not only your work but your forthcoming paycheck.

Below are some ways to find them and some additional things to watch for:

If the job sounds “too good to be true”  it probably is. Check with the Better Business Bureau if you have any doubts.

Writing jobs are plentiful on the Internet. Places like Freelance Writing Jobs, The Write Jobs, and Writing offer excellent opportunities.

Graphic design, logo design, illustration, and website design are also plentiful on the Internet through iFreelance as well as other sites that connect you to freelance jobs.

Consider beginning your own freelance business. Offer to write cover letters, resumes, web text; anything that can be done at home.

Just like Green Genie SEO

There are many freelance job sites that have you enter your business information and then allow you to bid on projects that are presented on the site. Participate in this way of earning money only if you know you won’t get too discouraged if you’re not chosen for a project, if you know your rates and can work with others on compromise.
Keep your eyes open for new companies that need you. Read the newspaper and other periodicals to discover new store openings and company direction. Contact the company with your needed service that can be done at home saving the company money and health insurance.

The best, legitimate computer jobs are probably paying less than you feel you deserve. And though working for free is rarely an option, consider working for less, at least at first, as you develop your skills and show the new company or business what you can do. Also keep on studying online colleges to sharp you skills in the areas of your profession to get more job opportunities.